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5 Tips for Choosing a Childcare Centre

Finding the right place for your little one can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help make this important decision:

1. Ask around!

There is no better place to find the truth than with other parents who have had firsthand experience with the centre you are checking out. Ask for referrals an

d reasoning from friends, family, and in local parenting groups and forums.

2. Read their policies.

Does your parenting style align with their policies on sleep, feeding, nutrition, television, discipline, security etc.? You can also check out your local government website to see if the centre had any infractions on previous inspections and how they were resolved.

3. Ask Questions!

Don’t be shy to ask whatever is on your mind. The more you ask now, the less surprises you will have later on. How does the centre handle emergency situations? How much staff turnover is there? What happens when a child gets sick? How does the centre communicate with the parents?

4. Observe, observe, observe.

Ideally with an unannounced visit as well if possible. Keep your eyes open for things like how the educators interact with the children and how responsive they are, safety features in the classrooms, cleanliness and if the children look happy and safe.

5. Trust your gut!

It is not easy to drop off your most precious cargo. You and your partner need to feel confident in the place that will be watching your little one!

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