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Progenics has partnerships with various companies offering our clients exclusive discounts. This includes prenatal education and services, as well as those interested in health and longevity


Genaissance is a precision health clinic lead by Dr Andrew Shuen, MD, FRCPC PhD. He is a medical geneticist by training with a focus on cancer and longevity. He practices what he preaches and helps clients live optimally based on their genetics, metabolomics, and  personal goals. Progenics' clients  with Platinum memberships are entitled to 1 year of concierge medicine tailored to optimize health and longevity.

Located at 701 Sheppard Ave East, unit 213, M2K 2Z3

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Genetic counselling services offered by expert counsellors based in Toronto. Visit to learn more about genetic testing for fertility, expanded carrier testing and proactive screens for health and longevity.

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Bahar Genetics offers expert genetic consulting services focused on precision prevention and medicine for informational purposes only. We aim to empower individuals and healthcare professionals with personalized genetic insights and advanced genomic data analysis. We strive to predict and prevent diseases before they manifest. Through our dedicated efforts in genetic consulting, we aspire to lead the transformation toward a more proactive, predictive, and personalized approach to health maintenance and disease prevention.

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Aesthtetics of Science Beauty Bar offers PRP, Botox injections and IV vitamin drips to rejuvenate your body and help you fend off the signs of aging. Book now to find out more! Located at 701 Sheppard Ave East, unit 213, M2K 2Z3

Baby Toes

Prenatal care

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Highest-rated private 3D ultrasound clinic in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario for accurate early baby gender ultrasound, 3D pregnancy ultrasounds, HD 3D/4D images, plush toys with your baby's heartbeat recording, and gender reveal party items.

Conveniently located in Toronto and Newmarket, A Date With Baby is a high-definition 3D ultrasound and gender reveal studio in GTA, Ontario.

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Pills on Spoons

PrinceRx is one of Ontario's leading independent pharmacies and drugstore retailers that provide customers with exceptional service, products and advice. Each PrinceRx store operates independently to serve its individual community, which ensures both programs and services tailored to the needs of customers and a commitment to helping all customers. Progenics' clients receive a 20% discount on all prenatal vitamins.

Precious Ones Photography is a full-service Portrait Studio specializing in capturing your incredible maternity and newborn moments, into Heirloom Quality Stunning Artwork.  Together with International Award-Winning Newborn Photographer, Alicia Ho, you can enjoy a custom-designed, stress-free Portrait Experience.  Come along with us to document your beautiful Maternity, Newborn and Family Portraiture that will last for many years to come.

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