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Exclusive 7-Report
Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

Progenics is now offering an add-on service for newborn babies, siblings, and parents "Whole Genomic Sequencing" (WGS), which is the process of determining the entirety, or nearly the entirety, of the DNA sequence of an organism's genome at a single time. This test can be done at home with a simple, non-invasive saliva collection kit.

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Benefits of WGS for Newborn Screening

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Combining WGS with cord blood/tissue banking

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Real-World Use Case Scenario

Genome sequencing and cord blood transplant provide life-saving treatment for a child with severe Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

The first use of individual genome information for disease diagnosis occurred in 2009 at the University of Wisconsin for a child with severe inflammatory bowel disease

Sequencing of his entire genome and DNA variant analysis yielded an answer, immunodeficiency due to a pathogenic variant in the XIAP gene

Based on this genetic diagnosis, the child was successfully treated for his debilitating disease with a cord blood transplant

Ensuring a healthy future for your child. Every step of the way.

Screening the genome is the initial step in ensuring a healthy future for your child. We want to prepare you for every step of the way -- from the identification of potential genetic disease predisposition to the storage of your child’s cells for future life-saving treatment.

What’s next after sequencing your child’s genome?

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Dante Genomics is a world leading expert in high-throughput genomic solutions at scale.

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What's included in the package?

1. Nutrigenetic Report

2. Pharmacogenomics Report

3. American College of Medical Genetics Panel

4. Cardiometabolic Disorders Panel

5. Hereditary Cancer Panel

6. Newborn Screening Panel

7. Stem Cell Therapy-Related Diseases Panel

Download all the 7 sample reports for WGS now!

WGS Pricing

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

Original Price: $1800

Save 50%

for Progenics Clients: $900

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